About us

The artists at Selfmade Tattoo are not just colleagues,  we are a family and enjoy every day spent together. We work in harmony and concentrate on the art of tattooing and piercing. We give every day our best and try to make all tattoos unique and personal.
Make sure you come by and have a laugh with us while we discuss your ideas!

Tattoo Styles

Thanks to the improvement of tattooing materials and artists: the realistic style became very popular nowadays. You can get pictures of your beloved ones, favourite items or basically anything you like. It doesn’t matter whether you want it black and grey or colourful, it will look like the picture.

That style is an interesting combination of black and grey, smooth elements and rough, trashy background motifs. Usually there is a realistic main piece surrounded with letterings, geometrical designs or abstract shapes. That combination gives a nice trashy, artistic touch to the tattoo. It is one of the best way to cover you old tattoo.

This style originates from the Polynesian tribes and all elements have their meanings. It fits perfectly the human body and tells a story of the owner.

There is no rule or guiding to follow, as everything is possible and doable in this style. Usually the outlines are a bit abstract and the colours run all over the place to make the tattoo pop even more.

Not all tattoos have to be big or meaninful. We are also
looking to make all clients happy that only want a small piece. That kind
of tattoos you can get as a walk-in or book an appointment as well.

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