Selfmade Tattoo in Berlin

We, at Selfmade Tattoo are not just colleagues, we are a family that enjoys every day spent together. We work in harmony and concentrate on the art of tattooing and piercing. We give every day our very best and make all tattoos unique and personal.

- we cover all tattoo styles with our resident and rotating international guest artists
- we consult you with pleasure and help you to find the tattooist that fits the best to your idea
- we work only with vegan materials, the newest technique and the highest standard
- daily walk-in tattoo and piercing for the spontaneous ones
- all emails and messages are usually answered within 24 hours in our opening time (Mo-Fr: 11h-19h)
Experienced and skilled tattoo artists and piercer are waiting for you in a friendly atmosphere.
Make sure you come by and have a laugh with us while we discuss your ideas!

The early bird catches the worm

We suggest you to come in at 12h if you are looking to get a walk-in tattoo or piercing.

Due to the CoVid virus, customers have to follow these rules:

  • we can't have more than a few customers in the shop, so please make sure to call before you come for a walk-in
  • unfortunately no accompaniment is allowed
  • no waiting inside the shop - please don't come too early for your appointment
  • please disinfect your hand regularly while in the shop 

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.