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The artists at Selfmade Tattoo are not just colleagues,  we are a family and enjoy every day spent together. We work in harmony and concentrate on the art of tattooing and piercing. We give every day our best and try to make all tattoos unique and personal.
Make sure you come by and have a laugh with us while we discuss your ideas!

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I studied graphic design in Budapest and was 17 years old when I made my first tattoo. It became my passion very quickly and since 2012 I’ve spent almost every day tattooing. I like challenges, fun, improvement and interesting people in life and work as well – that’s also a reason why I moved to Berlin in 2016. I love all kinds of tattoo styles but the ones which are really close to my heart are: trash polka, realistic and dotwork. I am vegan and I use only 100% vegan materials. For that reason I’m not interested in any tattoos which are related to animal killing.

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I was born in Poland, but I grew up in Germany, so I learned the best of both countries. I like working in all styles: starting from letterings to geometric and realistic tattoos. I enjoy doing the designs myself because with a little time and creativity you can get a unique and personal tattoo even from the simplest ideas. That is probably the thing I love the most about my job.

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I was born in Israel and I studied graphic design in Tel-Aviv, before I moved to Berlin in 2016.

I always had a passion for designing, photography and tattoos.

In my tattoos I like to combine different graphic styles, collages and different techniques together with geometric, linework, dotwork, abstract andsurreal art.

Colours are also welcome! :) Turning simple ideas to cool and creative tattoos is the thing I love the most.

I always enjoy meeting new and open minded people. I speak Hebrew, English, Russian and a little bit of German.

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David - owner and piercer

I already built up and managed a tattoo shop for years which is why I decided to open my own. I wanted to get away from mainstream, concentrate on every client and take my time without any rush. I’m happy to make consultations and help you to find the design that suits you the most.

With over 15 years of piercing experience, I am more than happy to offer you my services.

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 Zsófia Bélteczky - GUEST ARTIST

 Kristóf Kondrát - GUEST ARTIST

Paula - Handpoked Tattoos 

After getting my Master's Degree, I soon realised that my art is much more interesting on people than just on paper. In my tattoos, I translate my graphic and pattern based drawings via machine-free handpoking technique onto your skin. Dot by dot, while only using vegan products.

Especially with tattoos, it is important to not only have a nice motive, but to also know where it sits well. Every body is interesting in its own, unique way – to me, peculiarities like scars or birth marks are special features that can be incoorperated into or specially framed by your tattoo. 

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