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How to get an appointment?

Come to the shop, call us or write an email. We can tell you approximately how long your tattoo session will take, how much it will cost or when you could get an appointment. Once we cleared all that, we will need a deposit from you. That makes sure that the appointment is reserved and the amount will be of course discounted from the total price. You can do it in the shop (cash only) or transfer to our bank account.

Name: David Detre
IBAN: DE18 1001 0010 0530 4351 25

You will get a receipt from the deposit, where you will find all the information concerning your appointment.

Please note that we cannot refund your deposit if you decide cancel the appointment. In case of a rescheduling, you must contact us at least four workdays before. If you fail to do so, you will lose your deposit and you will have to make a new one.

In case you are 30 minutes late to your appointment, we have the right to cancel it and forfeit your deposit.

last minute appointments

As most artist are booked out for quite a while in advance, it might happen that you have to wait a couple of months for an appointment.

 We are all humans and so it sometimes happens that our clients get sick, can’t make it or just forget their appointments.

 In that case we are more than happy to offer you these free time slots to get tattooed and enjoy your luck.

 Make sure you call us and ask if we have any openings.

Free Appointments


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